Safety & Environmental

We’ve been in business for a long time and we are proud of our record in safety and environmental management.

We are dedicated to best practices and always looking for new ways to improve our work and the environment around us.

Safety without compromise

We do not compromise when it comes to safety. ICS Australia is committed to providing a safe worksite. We regularly review our performance against our safety objectives. All ICS workers from management down are fully invested in carrying out our safety policy and employing best safety practice on our sites.

The ICS Safety Policy

  • Comply with all relevant statutory duties, regulations, codes of practice and industry standards, making adequate provision of resources to meet these requirements.
  • Provide information, instruction and training for employees to increase personal understanding of workplace hazards and to ensure proper supervision.
  • Involve employees and subcontractors on health and safety matters, and consult with them in ways to reduce workplace hazards and improve control systems.
  • Provide support, assistance and resources to ensure an integrated rehabilitation program is provided for all employees who sustain injury or illness.

Environment care and planning

The thing about the environment is that we all have to live in it. If our environment suffers, we all lose. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to care for our environment. We use best practice environmental management on all of our projects.

We know that we can create more sustainable products by reducing waste, lowering power consumption and understanding the full lifetime effects of our supplies and products. We won’t stop there either. Our staffs continue to learn and train to find the best environmental techniques and building practices. Our dedication to the environment in our practice means that we all have a better place to live. That way, we all win.


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